I asked in my stories and you seemed charged for this idea, so here it is, my first #dtiys challenge!!! To celebrate the 20K followers, thanks again to all of you! 🥳
How it works:
-Use the hashtag #granokgabdtiys and tag me, so that I can see your works 🙃
-All media and style allowed, you can do a 2D illustration or 3D art or use any other media or style that you want
-There is no time limit!
-You can use this base design I created for the challenge, or any of my previous 3D illustration featuring this character, or think about a new adventure yourself.
-I'll share as many entries as possible on my stories
You probably saw this character already is other works I made, she is a character I realized a lot of time ago that I had the opportunity to redevelop since I started this art project. What you need to know: she is the queen of a fallen kingdom, she is trying to find and save all the little wisps lost in her kingdom and they get in a lot of troubles doing so. She is a silent badass. 😤 I kept the base design for the challange as simple as possible to make your life easier 😅👍
I'll update this page with a showroom with all the entries :D [06/07/2021]
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