Back in Business, restarting painting after 6 years

I was 6 when I started painting my first miniature, I bought it at a newsstand, it was the start of a long-lasting hobby. I was so passionate about it that it was easy for me to bring my friends into the hobby, I was even way more open than now, I bought miniatures for every game that was coming in my direction (which they all failed). As a teenager, it was harder to play, but I kept painting and following the meta around Warhammer 40k. But as the game becomes harder and harder to follow, the self-realizing prophecy become true, and as soon as the codices went up, I was out of the hobby completely. The Grey Knight Teminator Paladin in the photo is the last model I painted, I was around 19 years old. From that moment I was just looking rarely to the website

Last model i painted.

It was when I heard about Age of Sigmar that my interest start again, as everybody, I hated AOS in the beginning, but I liked the new beginning for the franchise. As a Tyranid player though, I immediately fell in love with the Genestealers Cult. They are junky enough to be perfect for the 40k universe and I love that even if they are so obvious xenos, people somehow don't recognize them XD . What finally brought me where the new models for AOS, I was spending hours looking for all the models and they are fantastic! I really think that AOS was the best way to go now, even if I don't like the rules too much. So...

Here's a list of what I liked coming back...

1) The games are easier and funnier now first with Fantasy and then with 8th edition W40k, they got rid of a lot of useless machinations.
2) It's easier to find information outside of White Dwarf
3) The painting experience is streamlined! GW is now able to show how to use colors
4) Most of the colors are technically superior to the old ones, the new washes are amazing.
5) It's full of good values offers with the small games and the starting packs.
6) They got rid of metal and resin completely, now everything is in plastic! And some kit allows for a lot of options.

Thefirst models I painted after 6 years.
...and what I didn't like.

1) There are too many games, Lord of the Ring is left alone in the dust, there is Necromunda, Bloodball, Shadespire and another bunch of smaller games, and GW is focussing on all of them, resulting in the main games lacking contents. The hipe for 8th edition died soon, the fast release of codecs looked good in the beginning, but now is only frustrating to see how they focused again on the Space Marine and left everybody else with empty hands.
2) GW lack communications skills, they talk but they don't listen, they still live in a world without internet
3) GW still wants all the money, codecs should be free, they still ask to pay the rules of the game.
4) Even if the painting experience is more streamlined, some color suck, especially the more vivid (white-based colors) are really hard to use.
5) They changed all the colors names!!!
6) Some of the new plastic models lack personalizations options, for no particular reason.

To restart, I decided to get Gorechosen, that contains 4 really nice models, in order: Exalted Deathbringer with Ruinous Axe, Slaughterpriest, Skullgrinder and Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer. I noticed how models are digitally crafted nowadays, the poses are more dynamic, but some point of the models get stretched tremendously (the armpits in particular), a typical mistake made in 3d modeling programs. Due to the quality of the new colors, I was more than satisfied with my first experience after 6 years, on the other side, the details suck, also because I used the horrible Ceramite White, which is not the right color for details and it's given by GW as the default white.
The whole experience was definitely easier than I expected, if you have doubt, pick a nice model and start again, it's easier than what you may expect.