Gabriele Granocchia: Game Designer and Indie dev

Updated the 10 June 2021
Hi! If you arrived here it probably means you want to know something more about me (making you a weirdo), but i can tell you a couple of things.
My first real console was a Nintendo 64, probably the best console to grow up with. My passion for videogames started already at a young age, I always loved videogames and to keep them in my life I knew I had to make them a profession, so as soon as I had the opportunity to decide a study path, I went in the direction of the videogame industry, I joined a videogame programming academy (luckily I had one in Rome: AIV) and studied computer science at the same time, it took some time to finish my study but I always kept improving all kind of skill needed for game development.
I would describe myself as a shy person, open minded, creative and internationally oriented: here are some pics of me around the world.
Me in Paris, half me in Korea, the other half in Tokyo
I release my first game, a small mobile app, in 2012. It was solid and few even liked it, but it made me realize the depth of the development process, how all the components should work together to make a proper experience. I always wanted fun games, I never cared about how the game looks as long as it makes me remember the same feeling of joy I had back with the N64, so I decide to properly explore the field of game design. Games don't need an excellent gameplay to be good, many games succeded even with poor gameplay, but my games have to be perfect gameplay wise. What makes videogames a unique art is the direct interaction of the player, I want that interaction to be the expression of the willing of the player.
Even now, I like nineties games, I take a lot of inspiration from really old games, back then many games already had fantastic game designs. The modern industry lacks many aspects that I would like to bring back, but at the same time, many technologies are still left unused and I like exploring many untouched possibilities. I guess my games are, and will mostly be, revisitation of old classics with a modern look; old games, not as they were, but as we remember them.

In October 2020 I started a graphic project on Instagram that found great success! The idea was to create Ink drawings in 3D, and the result is extremely fascinating. This small success lead me to reavaluate all my work, focusing more on creating my 3D illustration that you can see in the Art Gallery. I took the opportunity to rebuild all my work and I started building a new project that comes from a realization I had on the current videogame industry, the current paradigm for indie devs realizes too heavily on luck and it's not efficient, forcing developers to work years on a game, release it in a couple of month's window, and then starts all over again. All of this, most of the time does not work. My business plan fits way better the potential for a single developer or a small team, and the current situation of the industry. We will see in the next update if it worked XD
To get in contact, write me at: gabrielegran (at)
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