From Blender Sculpt Mode to Unreal Engine 4

After a long wait, I finally decide to practice some sculpting using Blender. As usual, Blender has some solid base in its own tools, lacking a direct way to do most of the advanced features, that have to be recreated with different tricks. I was impressed by what it's possible to achieve in Blender's Sculpt Mode, yet Zbrush looks more complete when focussing on the sculpting itself. Mainly I tried to understand if and how the sculpt mode can practically help the creation of a game in UE4.

The Skull in Blender.

I sculpted a simple skull (and I'm rather happy with the result too!) and that I retopo a the Low Poly version directly in Blender and baked Normals, AO and displacement from the High Poly. The result lack some quality and polish, a proper retopo would increase the quality, but overall it looks like a usable tool for a Blender to UE4 workflow.

The UE4 realtime render of the scult, tessellated, on the left, on the right the mesh without any map.

Contact me if you have any questions! Good sculpting. :D