Development Blog 3 - Animating

Currently, the enemy prototype looks as scary and dangerous as intended.

I'm testing the core mechanics of the game with a simple enemy prototype I created for the occasion. One of the things I like the most about developing a game is animating. Building the setting that allows the movement of a character is something that a programmer, even more so than a graphic, will find very familiar. This model is as simple as it can be, but the most fascinating thing is that I spent less than 10 minutes to create the silly animation you can see.

The other half of my Blender setup.

For a programmer is often very rare to look at something finished or at least polish, because they often touch the earliest stages of a product. When I find myself in the shoes of an Animator, Graphic or Audio Designer the sense of satisfaction at the end of every little work it's way more gratifying, as you are often seeing the final product. No wonder why programmers are always grumpy. I will surely explore with care the crazy (and messy) world of rigging in the future ... it even sounds more badass to say: "I'm a master of the Rig craft".