Development Blog 9 - Robot Walker

I've done some practice creating a full asset from scratch: design, modeling, texturing, rigging and animations. Next step would be using it in a game, but it was not designed for this purpose.

The final result, using the floating rock I created a couple of weeks ago.

I like the idea of 3D Pixel Art (or Vixel Art), but, unexpectedly, it makes everything harder! Pixel become a precious resource, the pixel/meter ration has to be constant and balanced too and the unwrapping has to follow different criteria than usual, aligning the UV coordinate with the pixels. I want to try something harder soon (some Quake inspired stuff) and I'm expecting it to be easier!

The Blender workflow.

I already had an idea in mind on what to do, but I tried to explore a little bit, it was mostly useful as a size reference. I even tried to go in the Akira Toriyama's route, but all those curves are not fitted for this art style. :(

The designs for the robot.