Development Blog 1 - Communication

This is the first entry in a development blog that I intend to write starting from today and hopefully keeping for as long as I'll be able. The idea is to use this as a diary for all who wants to follow the development of my games, with some insight on all the process. The videogame industry lacked transparency in the latest years, with developers running away with crowdfunded money, making promises without being able to live up to them or questionable changes in quality / lack-of-contents at the release. Transparency became quickly a core value in an industry that implies strong responsibilities and an even stronger ethics. We are developing games, and this often creates a lighter picture of what this job is truly about and the responsibility of a developer.
This blog will probably be a marketing stream for my games too, but I want to keep the distance from being a mere advertisement. Being able to "sell" the game is part of the job and I'll put the shiniest light on all the futures of the games when the moment will come. This space is more about the difficulties and the challenges of developing the game.

The core tech of the game, more in the next blogs!

Communication is indeed one of the most important skills for the modern developer, being an indie developer surely allow for a direct contact with whoever wants more information. Yet, I'm far from thinking is an easy talk, mostly, is a double-edged sword, being transparent with the development of a game remove the thin layer of fog that is between the reality and the possible. People can be very mad if the game goes in the "wrong way" if they don't like the direction a game is aiming for. This leads to the second most important skill for the modern developer, being able to manage/ignore angry gamers, for as silly as it sounds. Withstanding criticisms become easier by remembering a simple fact, people only care to criticize what they love.
Whether you are a gamer, developer, press or a random meme on the internet, you are welcomed on this journey.