GranokGab's NPR Class

I'm working on a NPR Lesson where I'll explain all my tips and tricks on my Non Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) Style. The lesson is designed for advance Blender users, I'll try to explain everything as simply as possible, but I'm not going through the basics of Blender, is already full of great tutorials for that :D.
My focus is to explain:
1) how to model quickly, efficiently and cleanly
2) how to use the the basic of the Non Photorealistic Rendering Style
In the lesson I'll visit most of my previus works, including all the works I created of the Ink Challenge in October and I'll explain all my tips and tricks.
I'll also include some Blender scenes so that you will be able to explore them freely and study my workflow and organization.
Inbetween this journey trough my scenes I'll explain with dedicated lessons all the tecnical aspects and how you can reproduce them yourself
The lesson will also include a final tutorial where I create a 3D Illustration from zero, explaining everything step by step so that you can follow along.
I'll put the lesson initialy on Gumroad and later on all the major elearning platforms.
I'll go through the process of creating something similar to these.
I am on Youtube